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Marketing your Property

Targeted exposure of your property

At Harcourts Ascot we firmly believe that a proper marketing campaign for any property is essential to source the right buyer. We have tailored a series of campaigns that are designed to broadcast your property to a select audience across a variety of mediums.

Whether you are marketing your home via private treaty or auction, a marketing programme will generate interest as well as provide valuable feedback from the market on the value of the property.

Our campaigns are a planned investment in the sale of your property. We only use marketing streams that are established with captive property buying audiences.

Choosing a campaign

Making the right investment

Different marketing campaigns generate different results. Whilst the property can be promoted to the same audience, the elements of the campaign can generate different perceptions in the mindset of prospective buyers.

In working closely with the different promotional outlets we research and analyse the response from each of them. We are constantly evaluating new methods, however we only endorse mediums that generated positive responses for us.

In our research we have found it’s not so much about attracting one buyer, our campaigns are structured so that we can provide a number of buyers so we can provide you with a number of offers. Our strategy is simple, a great marketing campaign that forms an emotional connection combined with professional negotiation skills will generate competitive offers.