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Tips that Help Sell your Home

Harcourts Ascot Top Tips

Presenting a property is just like getting your car ready to sell in a competitive marketplace. Here are some tips to help give your property a competitive edge.

Here are 8 easy steps by interior designer Catherine Whittling to ensure you give your property the best chance in today’s competitive real estate marketplace.

  1. Give the outside of your property a professional house wash – just like putting your car in a car wash – cleaning all brickwork, eaves, windows, gutters, driveways and paved areas.
  2. Look at your house as a purchaser would… take a photo of the front of your house and assess its street appeal – does it need some potted colour, feature plants in modern pots or a new screen door?
  3. Spruce up the inside with a coat of paint, even just painting a master bedroom and main living area can add a breath of fresh air into the home.
  4. Splash a little colour inside. Choose colours that reflect the lifestyle of your property and open up the space in a room. Ensure colours work with the architecture and are appealing to potential clients. You may wish to pick-up your linen colour scheme in a feature wall.
  5. Keep furniture and furnishings simple, clean and uncluttered – remember lots of people will be walking through your property during an open house inspection. Stop purchasers pacing up and down a small room by furnishing it accordingly.
  6. Use mirrors and lamps to create optical illusions of space in small dark areas or to reflect interesting colour schemes and furniture in the room.
  7. Small rooms don’t only have to be marketed for kids with bunk beds! Or turned into a nursery! Try using a day bed. Create a sense of functionality and organization within a small environment.
  8. Create a LIFESTYLE in your home – create desire within your property. Who is your target market? What do they need? Keep the interior simple, clutter free and inviting. Try to imaging “What will my home look like as a photograph?”

We hope some of these suggestions are of benefit to you. Our friendly team at Harcourts Ascot always aim to please.